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The Traveling Weather Show severe weather training and preparedness programs offer training in severe weather observation (weather spotting), safety, earthquake preparedness, local tornado history, development of amateur radio "RACES" programs (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service), and amateur radio "Technician level" classes. These seminars are provided to federal, state, and local government agencies, law enforcement agencies, fire protection districts, school districts, hospital staff, houses of worship, CERT teams, neighborhood groups, condominium associations, home-school groups as well as the general public. They are provided within a 50-100 mile radius of St. Louis/one hour of travel. outside of that area, travel surcharges may be incurred. Safety building surveys are also offered for severe weather and earthquake protection. Many observers have attended "SKYWARN" classes offered by Michael Redman through St. Louis County for the last 30 years. While now retired from St. Louis County, Michael Redman continues to offer these classes through The Traveling Weather Show. If you have enjoyed and benefited from these classes in the past, you will be pleased to know that you may still take advantage of these excellent training and safety services, which undergo constant review and improvement. If you have never attended Michael Redman's programs, you are welcome to take a class. They are far better than standard presentations from other providers.

If tornadoes in the region, the state, or even the county have increased your awareness and interest of tornado and severe weather hazards and risks, these classes will help you to:

learn the warning signs, and learn the proper practices that can save your life! prepare for severe weather,No lives were lost in tornadoes in North St. Louis County in 2011 or 2013. This is because of the awareness and safety practices taught in these classes, proven to save lives! Learn to be a trained weather spotter by taking these classes!

Along with professional training services, The Traveling Weather Show can provide weather safety displays for most safety shows, amateur radio events, and related programs anywhere in the region. Watch for our displays at area amateur radio events known as "hamfests". Emergency/disaster plan review and creation is offered, along with building safety surveys and radio system consultations. We can assist in special event coordination, provide radio equipment guidance, and public address systems.

Who Provides the Training?

Michael Redman has been instructing severe weather training seminars since 1970 and has been involved with community service organizations since 1969. While working for St. Louis County, he instructed over 550 classes and trained over 15,750 individuals in severe weather observation and safety. Active participants in the now defunct St. Louis County SKYWARN program went from 150 in 1980 to over 2200 in 2010, due to his leadership, dedication, hard work, and training skills. While retired from St. Louis County, these vital services are still available through The Traveling Weather Show. If you have attended his classes before, do not despair, for they are still offered by Michael Redman. Please continue reading and contact us for more information. Since the inception of the Traveling Weather Show in 2010, Mike Redman has increased the total number of trained individuals to over 15,750 individuals in over 550 classes.

The Traveling Weather Show is a private weather enterprise training provider, offering certification by Michael Redman, who has successfully provided this certification and training for many years. Just because he is no longer employed by St. Louis County does not mean that he is somehow no longer qualified in this area of education. Attend a class and see for yourself. You are just as qualified, if not more so, than if you were trained by other agencies.

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